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Telepresence Performance

"Telepresence allows the subject to control not just the simulation but reality itself. Telepresence provides the ability to remotely manipulate physical reality in real time through its image. (...) Thus the essence of telepresence is that it is antipresence. I don't have to be physically present in a location to affect reality at this location."
-Lev Manovich

Telepresence Performance


Role: Transmedia Producer

Inspiraling: Telematic Jazz Explorations was an unprecedented concert of new jazz works with renowned composers and performers for the telematic music medium. Telematic music is networked real-time performance by musicians in different geographic locations. Performers were located in New York and San Diego, playing together as one trans-continental ensemble in real-time and "real-space". There were local audiences as well as a world-wide webcast.

The music explored elements of jazz fused with artistic properties of telematic technology including multiplicity, heterophony, swing, polyphony, synchronicity, and nodality. The transparent densities and intensities were manifested to create this new music reality of telematic jazz.

In my role as Transmedia Producer I created a shared tele-collaborative performance environment enabling real-time spontaneity and musical tele-presence. This was achieved by utilizing advanced networking, HD video and multi-channel streaming audio with the coordinated efforts of artists and technologists from across the US. I lead the administrative effort to facilitate funding, budget planning, resource management and staff scheduling.

San Diego Performers: Hafez Modirzadeh, saxophone, Michael Dessen, trombone, Alex Cline, percussion, Mark Dresser, contrabass

New York Performers: Amir ElSaffar, trumpet, Oliver Lake, saxophone, Min Xiao-Fen, pipa, Gerry Hemingway, percussion, Sarah Weaver, conductor

Presented by:
Calit2 and the Center for Research and Computing in the Arts (CRCA), University of California San Diego. Special thanks to the Dean of Arts and Humanities and the Fund for Innovation for supporting this project.
Music Technology Program, Steinhardt School, New York University. Dr. Robert Rowe, Vice-Chair, Director of Music Composition, Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions.
Roulette Intermedia, Inc. James Staley, Director


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Inspiraling: Telematic Jazz Explorations, UCSD, La Jolla, CA - NYU, New York City, NY