Todd Margolis

Distributed Cinema

"Stories unfold over time and through space in layers of media forms."
Adriene Jenik

Distributed Cinema


Role: Technical Director

SPECFLIC uses novel transmission and display media and a new storytelling form called Distributed Social Cinema to expand a critical dialogue about the social and cultural effects of future technologies and public spaces.

Each iteration of the series is held in an iconic public space and is free and open to the public. SPECFLIC stories are all set in 2030, and arise from research-based speculations about the near future of that particular public institution.

Usually, in a performance or cinema experience, the audience is admonished to turn off their cell phones and cease conversation. SPECFLIC seeks to integrate these devices (cell phones, laptops, mp3players, etc) with live tele-matic performance, pre-recorded media elements, street performers and the audience's own social activity to create a multi-modal story event. Live ambient performances streamed through mobile video platforms are "mixed" and projected on public architecture to produce a new form of cinematic experience.

I worked with Adriene Jenik in SPECFLIC 1.0 in La Jolla and SPECFLIC 2.0 in San Jose as Technical Director to identify and utilize transgressive digital media throughout the design and planning process. Physical architecture was transformed into immersive spaces where social experiences played out through digitally mediated audio and video streams (live and pre-recorded). During pre-production of SPECFLIC 2.0, I worked with Cinematographer John Pirozzi to assist with the HD shoot of Allison Janney and Richard Jenik in the MLK Library. I lead a large technical support team for SPECFLIC 2.0 which installed a complex network of projectors, cameras, microphones, speakers and computers inside, around and on top of the installation spaces.


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ISEA/Zero One Festival, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library - San Jose, CA

Calit2 Building Opening, Calit2 - La Jolla, CA