Todd Margolis

Virtual Reality Installations

"Virtual reality promises a kind of transcendence of the limits of physical reality."
-Frank Biocca, Taeyong Kim, Mark R. Levy: Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Installations

The Perfect Parlor

by Todd Margolis

The Perfect Parlor explores how technology can augment human communication, interaction and perceptions when incorporated into personal, social and work spaces. It is a networked tele-immersive virtual environment, where people from around the world can come together in a shared space to talk, play and perform. The Victorian parlor, a metaphor of global socialization is the setting for this virtual experience. Although the historic 'parlor' has come and gone from our homes, the role it has served in Victorian culture can be used as a model in our mediated culture today.

The Perfect Parlor creates a platform for communications, where networked avatars have shared experiences. It is a place for infinite stories, and each story having multiple endings. It is not a static experience for each person to consistently recycle the same perspective. Instead it is a space for individuals to create meaningful life experiences and perpetuate their own personal narratives.

The Perfect Parlor is an environment to explore social interaction in online communities. Participants from Chicago, New York, Indiana, Sweden and the Netherlands have interacted with each other via the networked VR installation.


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Excerpt from thesis show


The Perfect Parlor, Chicago, IL/Bloomington, IN/Buffalo, NY/Stockholm, Sweden/Amsterdam, Netherlands

IDEAS Festival, Bloomington, IN/Chicago, IL/Buffalo, NY (1st Place prize in Immersive and Interactive Media)