Todd Margolis

Augmented Reality

“We don’t necessarily have to think of immersion into the virtual and augmentation of the physical as the opposites... it all depends on how we understand the idea of addition: we may add additional information to our experience – or we may add an altogether different experience.”
-Lev Manovich

Augmented Reality


In collaboration with Ed Colmar

Auradust is a geo-aware mobile application that allows users to share texts, images and sounds from their current location. Participants create public, private or Facebook messages and can respond to other public messages left in physical space. It can be used to hold threaded conversations about points of interests and share them with others. Auradust allows you to find out what people in your environment are thinking about the places around you.

Auradust was an investigation into creating a mobile notepad application which takes advantage of the inherent multimedia, locative and social networking libraries native to the Android platform. Images, sounds, and text are tagged with a GPS location on a handheld device, then uploaded to the AURADUST server. The server is queried with GPS coordinates to return results back to the mobile device. Users can view the results in map view or list view form. Auradust supports all Android handheld devices that have GPS, compass, camera, and network connectivity.


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