Todd Margolis

Augmented Reality

“We don’t necessarily have to think of immersion into the virtual and augmentation of the physical as the opposites... it all depends on how we understand the idea of addition: we may add additional information to our experience – or we may add an altogether different experience.”
-Lev Manovich

Augmented Reality

Promotional Considerations

Created by "Future of Reality" (Todd Margolis in collaboration with Tracy Cornish)

Promotional Considerations is a speculative project designed to articulate and anticipate the needs, desires and concerns of lunar habitation. Blending current lunar research with models of private industry, we can foresee the types of products and services that will emerge for lunar settlers. Each company is represented through augmented reality advertisements as well as accompanying micro-sites. The sites are linked to forums to encourage discussion about the issues that the advertisements provoke. Promotional considerations points to larger concerns about life on the moon ranging from the physiological and pyschological effects of individuals who inhabit it, to higher order questions about how the "common heritage" of celestial bodies is affected by private industry interests and concepts of ownership.


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Adler After Dark, Adler Planetarium - Chicago, IL