Todd Margolis

Augmented Reality

“We don’t necessarily have to think of immersion into the virtual and augmentation of the physical as the opposites... it all depends on how we understand the idea of addition: we may add additional information to our experience – or we may add an altogether different experience.”
-Lev Manovich

Augmented Reality

Moon Lust

Curated and produced by "Future of Reality" (Todd Margolis in collaboration with Tracy Cornish)

Moon Lust is a speculative project that explores global interests and issues pertaining to lunar exploration and habitation. As a curated mobile augmented reality exhibition, Moon Lust hopes to facilitate a dialogue about topics such as lunar mining, space tourism, celestial territories, space ecology and policy, by locating augmented visualizations in and around the Adler Planetarium. The project launched June 21 2012 and remains as a permanent AR exhibition. For more information please visit the website.

Artists included in the exhibition:

  • Bino + Cool with Hans Hauska + Alex Hill
  • Tracy Cornish
  • Margaret Dolinsky
  • James Enos
  • John Craig Freeman
  • Scott Kildall
  • Brenda Lopez Silva with Alex Betts + Panos Oikonomou
  • Todd Margolis
  • Rob Rothfarb
  • Mark Skwarek


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Adler After Dark, Adler Planetarium - Chicago, IL