Todd Margolis



Todd Margolis is a Transmedia Producer of immersive platforms. He is currently a Senior Solution Architect in the Partner Engineering group at Qlik where he develops visualizations for Business Intelligence systems.

Current research investigates human computer interaction with emerging media. His work draws on 15 years of experience creating tele-collaborative immersive and interactive artworks and systems. He has published numerous papers on mixed reality art and interaction and lectures on new media both nationally and internationally. His work has been shown in museums, festivals and galleries around the world.

News & Events

Summer Sprint

August 28, 2011

Well my non-stop summer trips have finally come to an end. San Francisco presentations went great & some very positive new work may come from it – keeping my fingers crossed for a chance to go to the Tokyo International Film Fest.

Then SIGGRAPH in Vancouver was good. Our Vroom installation was well received and I even brought my avatar to the show (see photo below). The overall attendance & exhibition floor continues to shrink, but the Studio was larger than ever & there was some good work to be experienced in the Art Gallery & eTech.

My avatar at SIGGRAPH on the OptiPortables

And finally I just came back from Prague where I gave a presentation at CIANT‘s Transistor S3D workshop. This was my second visit to Prague after almost 10 years & it was great to experience it with CIANT to witness the amazing transformation of a historic world capital into a modern techno-metropolis.

Prague TV Tower

I also sent my avatar to Philadelphia for the Distributed Collectives. This was my first show with the Manifest.AR international artist collective. There was a lot of great work & conversations about augmented reality.

Secret Geek Business

August 1, 2011

The tele-collaborative presentation across the empire between San Francisco’s ‘death star’ and a rebel ranch in Marin County went very well. A certain Force with the initials G.L. even stopped by to check it out. All reports are positive so far & we await further instructions from central command to proceed. General information can be found here.

SD AR DevCamp

July 13, 2011

Tracy & I have posted our presentation, Augmenting Alternate Reality, that we gave last weekend at Qualcomm for the AR DevCamp. It was great that so many people there were already familiar with ARGs & we had some great conversations on how to use locative AR to create an ARG.

Russian TV shoot today

July 7, 2011

Just finished shooting HUVR with the crew from the Rossiya-2 TV channel for an upcoming documentary about The Future of Technology. I can’t wait to hear what Heads-up Virtual Reality sounds like in Russian.

Moon Lust Review

December 15, 2012

The Journal of the New Media Caucus just published a report on our AR ARG “Moon Lust”. Check it out here:

Media-N Fall 2012: V.08 N.02

Money Grab

October 7, 2011

Load up my AR layar anywhere anytime to participate in #OccupyWallSt


Hello world!

June 29, 2011

The new website is almost finished. Just finishing up some writing and design tweaks here there.

Documenting Virtual Reality in S3D

September 2, 2011

Here is our first experiment in recording a virtual reality environment in full stereoscopic 3D. By using a Sony 3D HD handycam with polarizing filters in front of each lens, we were able to capture the full 3D experience of our StarCAVE VR installation.